It is not allowed to create trades in opposite directions at the same time. If you enter the market with a SELL, in order to trade in the opposite direction (BUY) you must close all your open trades in SELL.


Opposite trades in different pairs (ETH/USD and BTC/USD) are allowed.


Opposite trades in different currencies (BTC/USD and BTC/EUR) are NOT allowed.


Opposing trades on different accounts are NOT allowed.


Hedging between 2 accounts with different email addresses controlled by the same user is not allowed.


If you open a SELL position, you will be allowed to open a BUY trade at the same time when the first trade reaches 24 hours active.

Trades with a duration of less than 30 seconds cannot exceed 5% of the total trades in the account, this is a margin of error for possible accidents such as misclick. This percentage can be fixed before completing the phase, microlots are not included.


Trades with a volume less than the result of this formula will not count towards the 30-second rule.


Stop loss hits of less than 30 seconds also count.

The daily and/or per trade profit limit is $10,000.


Any profit with an amount greater than $10,000 per trade and/or per day will be subtracted.


Calculated at 00:10 UTC


Using programs or algorithms to perform large quantities of purchases and sales in small fractions of time is not allowed in our platform.

Trading making a large number of trades in a short period of time by opening and closing trades very quickly. (By means of EA’S or manually it is forbidden)

The use of bots or any type of EA is prohibited. (News scalping EA’s, Arbitrage EA’s, Multi account reverse trading EA’s etc. )